The Queen of Music fans : Jennifer Lopez

It is said; “when God gives, gives with thousands hands”. It is 100% true for a throbbing singer J. Lo. Isn’t it so? Jennifer Lopez is one of the names in the Hollywood Film Industry who adds honor to her country.

She is a heart-throbbing, romantic and of course a talented personality. Even she is gorgeous and a showbiz. When she performs on the stage for her fans and friends, she makes them go crazy with her touching voice. She has been ever in a talk due to her personal relationships. Her first relationship was with Seam Combs, a media mogul.

Though a busy personality, she has been running a nonprofit organization for the children who do not get quality health care, doctors and health. Its name is ‘Lopez Family Foundation’. She wanted to run the organization but could do it till her daughter was admitted to hospital. Then she realized that there should not be any more delay and with her sister Lynda Lopez they started the organization in the year 2009.

As a public figure she is a role model of many youngsters. She was described as a “rarity” and one of few “Hollywood stars who you can admire” by Ray Martin of 60 Minutes. She has performed in many albums that have made records in the world of Music. Also, as an actress, she left a remarkable impact on the minds and life of the audience. People love her role, acting, character, personality.

After all, she is a queen of music lovers and I would like to admit that she really cares about her fans. Let’s wish her marvelous life ahead!