Music Therapy: a way to free from stress

There are lot of research, discussion and debate going on about Music Therapy. The modern science has been trying to know the secret behind the music healing and yes, they have come to a point where they have accepted music therapy as a way to free from stress, mental disorder, neurological problems and others.

The origin of music has its root in the universal sound “AUM” or “OM” or “AAMIN” or “ORUM” or “AAM”. The spiritual masters had found that the “AUM” is not a word rather it is a sound, a vibration and through which the whole world works in accordance with the nature or the Galaxy.

We know them as Proton, Neutron, and Electron.  Whatsoever, it is now one of the alternative medicines in this Jet age. Music Therapy helps patients calm down and be relaxed. Once a person becomes calm automatically the problems and the disorders going to be less.

The great thinker, Plato said that music affected the emotions and could influence the character of an individual.

Music is ultimately working on behalf of the universal sound. It creates vibrations and those vibrations go deep in to your body, mind and the works happen naturally. That is why serene music leaves you at ease.

So, listen to the soothing music, relaxing music, the Indian classical music, the instrumental music, and the devotional songs. Even you can buy the cds of specially designed for relaxation. That can give more benefit as it has been treated with some minutes.

In this way, music works and heals you. It makes you ONE with the nature and your mind forgets about the pain and goes deep in to the realm of peace. And a miracle starts happing day by day and at some point of time, you find cured and healed.

Start your day with your favorite soothing and serene music and be healthy and mentally fit to drink each sip of LIFE!