A Wake Up call

It’s high time now. Just wake up! I mean to say that wake up your inner being. Don’t waste a single. You will find yourself the most peaceful person on the world if you look inside. Now, there are many who have questions about how to look inside.

Simple, with God’s grace, I will help you be the peaceful personality. Stress-free. Yes, it is true. You will be absolutely with yourself. You need to just spend 20-30 minutes every day. Meditation is the means to be with YOU.

Please know that there isn’t any requirement to leave anything or stop what you are doing. Just accept meditation in your way of living and you will be amazed within a couple of days.

How to meditate:

  1. Sit with crossed legs
  2. Relax your body (mentally say yourself that your body is getting relaxed. Within few minutes it will be relaxed)
  3. Now relax your mind (as instructed above)
  4. After Body and Mind get relaxed, watch your thoughts (whatever thoughts are coming in your mind watch them)
  5. Then feel your breathing (coming in and going out. Do not take breath. Just feel it)

Note: if you have a Cd of soothing music then play it with less volume. It will be beneficial

Just practice this regularly and you will see peace surrounding you. Also, please be informed that you have to do nothing. Just invest time and sit regularly and meditation will happen to you. No one can meditate. It just happens. Understand this and accept yourself what you are, how you are.

Have a lovely and peaceful life ahead!