Be Healthy, Happy & Harmonious!

Say ‘YES’ to life! If you wanna live healthy, happy & harmonious life, just say yes to life. Life itself is a miracle.  You won’t realize how all the things going right for you. This is what the mathematics of life. Life needs us to accept it fully and wholly.

Those who are leading life happy and harmonious are living it as a whole. They have accepted the rules of life game. Life is a big game. We all are players. If you are not playing the given role, it is obvious that you won’t get the result out of it.

So, what are you thinking? This is absolutely true as life is concerned. Just accept the way life come to your way. This is the simplest mantra to be healthy, happy & harmonious.

Why it is so that someone is wealthy and has abundance richness? To answer this, I would say that the person has accepted the rules of LIFE game. And the most important matter is that he is playing the game with 100% involvement. He is not disregarding any of the rules. He has accepted the rules as they are the keys to happiness.

Now, here is an opportunity to open the doors of your hearts and accept life fully. Once you accept life as it is, miracle starts happening. There isn’t a single second of postponement. Just live second to second, moment to moment.

Good Luck! Inspire others to live Healthy, Happy and Harmonious life. Let’s make the world more romantic…

How you can lead a Joyous Life?

In today’s time, we can see that people are very busy in their lives. Even there are some groups of people who are always occupied with mental processes. And this has led them towards unease. They feel life as one of the burdens. Also, they feel stressed, discomfort and dullness.

This is because of their hectic time schedules for everyday life. There is no charm in living life. It is just a routine and mechanical life for them.

Now what can be done to improve life pattern? I believe the fellow beings want something different in life so that they can be happy and joyous. Life is a celebration! It is bliss and you can lead harmonious, pleasant & joyous life. It is very simple. You may have heard that “winners don’t do different things, but they do it differently“.

So, here you can help yourself make life happier! Just accept meditation in your life and you will find tremendous joy, happiness & charm. Meditation is regarded as one of the alternative medicine to better life.

Yes, meditation! Through it, you can be more energetic and recharged ever. It helps greatly. It works as ‘healing’. By practicing it, you can gain wellness both from inside and outside. It is just a question of 15-20 minutes every day. And you will be pleasant and positive towards your daily works! Dhyan gives inner peace.

I would like to clarify that it is not related to any religion. It is not even bounded for some group of people. It is simply a science of cosmic energy. In other words, I would say that it is inner science. Through meditation, you can create a space for you and feel happier. It can provide you with extra energy that you need for doing your routine work. In this way, it helps you become peaceful.

We can see that majority of people are leading the same life. They work 24/7. They work like machines. They spare time for everyone and everything. Unfortunately, they do not have time for themselves. That is why they feel monotonous. This has led towards depression. To come out of this dull life, you can invest some time for yourself.

Once you spare time for yourself and perform meditation, you will be no more the same person as you were. You will feel pleasant. Even you will enjoy your routine work. Simply, meditation is a way to lead a happy and joyous life.

Now, question is how to meditate? Yes it is a true question. To answer, I would like to make you aware about the method of meditation. You may find different ways to meditate on the net. However, the simplest way is here and it is accepted all over the world. You are request to do it for 15-20 minutes. Here are the helpful instructions:

  1. Sit with crossed legs (wear comfortable cloths)
  2. Keep spine straight
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Now be conscious about your breathing.
  5. Feel breath coming in & going out.
  6. Just be aware about breathing
  7. When you come out of meditation, rub your hands and put them on your eyes

Note: It is preferred to listen to soft music while doing meditation.

Practice it daily and within weeks, you will feel joy & happiness coming from within. You will be cool & calm. Have a lovely & joyous life ahead!