Karva Chauth – a Devotional day of Relationship

This is one of the best examples of Indian culture showing respect, devotion and dedication between husband & wife relationship. Yes, I am talking about Karva Chauth. It is Aasho Wad chauth as per Gujarati calendar the fourth day of Aasho Month. It is celebrated with devotion, dedication and being prayerful whole day.

Since centuries, this day has its own importance in Indian families wherever they are living on this planet.  There isn’t any necessity being in India only. The wife keeps a fast whole day without having a drop of water. She does this in respect of her husband showing love. And, for making their relationship stronger, longer and eternal.

She keeps fast till she sees the moon. Then she looks at her husband and performs prayer. This gives happiness, heath and prosperity in their life and family. Even the wife offers gifts to her mother-in-law. And seek blessings from the elder family members.

The husband-wife relation is so wonderful and joyous that you have whole life to be together whether pain or pleasure. And that is why the wife does this ritual to give more to her relationship. By offering herself to God and keeping fast a whole day, she wins the family members hearts and become loving.

Of course, this is one of the lovely days in Indian families. I wish a lovely, prayerful, blissful, devotional Karva Chauth to all!