Be Healthy, Happy & Harmonious!

Say ‘YES’ to life! If you wanna live healthy, happy & harmonious life, just say yes to life. Life itself is a miracle.  You won’t realize how all the things going right for you. This is what the mathematics of life. Life needs us to accept it fully and wholly.

Those who are leading life happy and harmonious are living it as a whole. They have accepted the rules of life game. Life is a big game. We all are players. If you are not playing the given role, it is obvious that you won’t get the result out of it.

So, what are you thinking? This is absolutely true as life is concerned. Just accept the way life come to your way. This is the simplest mantra to be healthy, happy & harmonious.

Why it is so that someone is wealthy and has abundance richness? To answer this, I would say that the person has accepted the rules of LIFE game. And the most important matter is that he is playing the game with 100% involvement. He is not disregarding any of the rules. He has accepted the rules as they are the keys to happiness.

Now, here is an opportunity to open the doors of your hearts and accept life fully. Once you accept life as it is, miracle starts happening. There isn’t a single second of postponement. Just live second to second, moment to moment.

Good Luck! Inspire others to live Healthy, Happy and Harmonious life. Let’s make the world more romantic…

In Search of …Happiness

Since the birth of human race, man has been working towards goodness for himself.  So, it is not a new matter! However, still man is searching for happiness. It means the man has not tasted HAPPINESS. That is why the search is still going on and on…

In today’s techno-world, the mankind is yearning for the best available facility so that he/she can feel better. So, this is the whole of the mankind is in search of Happiness. Isn’t it so? Aren’t you longing for happiness, joy, pleasure, harmony, love?

Yes, everyone wants that in the respective life. The law of life is EVOLUTION. And once man’s evolution stops, he feels nervous, stress, depression and becomes the maniac.

So, now the question is how to be utterly happy and joyous? How to continue the process of evolution? Not a matter of worry! We are here to make life more joyful and happier.

First let’s understand that evolution has nothing to do with the material world. Majority of the people have enough of enough materialist wealth. And even after gaining so much of material wealth, happiness is not in life. Peace is missing!

Evolution means fruition. It’s a nature of evolution to shower sheer peace. Physically, the mankind has developed till to its height. Now is the time to develop from inner. So, because of the imbalance in outer and inner world, there is so much chaos, mental disorder, unease, and disturbance.

So, let us work towards balancing these two worlds. And for MEDITATION is the way! Meditation will end you search of Happiness. It showers you with utmost joy even you have never thought and felt. It is 101% true. There are hundreds and thousands of people who have been meditating and experiencing pleasure and happiness.

Now, comes a question of meditation. How to do Meditation?  Really a valid question on perfect time! I appreciate the thirst of happiness. And of course it is our birth right to be happy and wealthy. Why to live life in a wasteful manner?

Meditation makes man complete. It provides balance with which one can lead a happy, positive and fulfilled life. There are many meditation techniques in present world. If meditation is done under the guidance of Living Master, the Guru, it transforms your world into Joyful and blissful world and makes you radiate.

You can practice the technique your heart fits in like Samarpan Meditation, Osho Meditation, Isha Yoga, Shiv Yoga, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Swami Rajneesh and Anandmurti Gurumaa. Good Luck and welcome to the world of Happiness, Love, Peace, Joy & serenity!

Being ONE with yourself!

It may create confusion when you hear about happiness, pleasure and joy. People are talking about it a lot. However, you find chaotic persons, individuals around you. Why it is so? This is something absurd. Yes, it is! You are somewhat right.

People are talking about being happy but they are not, it may happen sometimes. Or, I would say that you might have not met a real ONE. Yes, the real one who is utterly happy, rejoicing each and every moments of life as they are.

Don’t be worried! You can also be happy as an innocent child. And for it, you should not do anything. How interesting? You are going to be happier and it is without doing something. Yes, it is so. The law of nature works in this fashion.

It is we that are following unnatural laws and that have created chaos, despair, stress and imbalance. Otherwise, there is tremendous joy flowing all over the world. Unfortunately, we are not aware about it.

This is very much simple. You just need to be YOURSELF. You just allow nature to lead your LIFE. That will make you ONE with yourself. Being ONE with yourself. This is a key to utterly happiness. Now, you may have a question how to be one.

For being one, you should let your real nature flow as a river. And it can be done through meditation. Meditation is an inner science. It gives you more joy. Once you sit in meditation, the process starts happening and you will be showered with tremendous pleasure, joy and happiness.

So, be with yourself and meditate regularly.