In the name of GOD

On the earth, in the last 5000 years, we the so-called human beings had fought 5000 wars. Don’t you think its mere stupidity? Aren’t we psychologically ill? Seeing this, it seems true. And it is all in the name of God.

We pretend to be religious. We have crucified Jesus. We poisoned Socrates. Also, we did poison Mansoor and Meera and many others. In very near past, we injected dangerous venom in Osho’s body. What all these prove, I cannot understand it.

But, just I regret and feel that why we cannot understand the nature. What the holy earth has been giving to us. And what we have been doing. Just destroying each day.  In the name of God, we have created so-called religions and trying to be on the top.

Friends, please wake up! Still we have opportunities and time to walk on real path for what we are here. How can a group of a few govern you? You have learned in the universities, achieved scholars though following wrong personalities.

I just want to say that you ask yourself sitting in a silent place and then decide. What is true? Should we have poisoned the Masters? And that is why Jesus said:

Forgive them, they are innocent

But, we are still going on doing the same mistakes since then. Life is very much beautiful. Enjoy each and every moments with your near and dean one. If you cannot help others at least not disturb them. Live with love and love will automatically come out of you.

Be happy. Lead a cheerful life!