Dhirubhai Ambani – a Visionary, a Villager and a Business Emperor

Its 28-December. This is the day of which one of the most successful entrepreneurs came on the land of Gujarat. He was so confident and daring that he stood up his empire within the span of six decades. A brilliant, radiant, intelligent business personality is none other than our most admirable Dhirubhai. Yes! He is Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance. He was born on 28-Dec-1932 in Chorwad, Gujarat, India.

What is that that made a simple villager a big business tycoon? How does he manage his business? Of course, it’s not my cup of tea. As Dhirubhai did no one can chase him. But, let me share my knowledge of him so that you, an aspiring entrepreneur, can sharpen your skills. It is said that before you go to the field remember to sharpen your sword. If your sword is sharpened, half of your work is done.

This is what Dhirubhai Ambani is. He had his skills and those were sharpened through his vision and insatiable desire. He always said: THINK BIG, THINK FAST.  He was so minute that even a smallest of the mistakes he could find out and didn’t let the opponent have chance to win over him.

I remember his talk in one of the interviews published in Times of India. He was asked why he wanted to have wide and large garden around his home, he answered that he likes big thing. Why to lessen the limits. You see this is how he took his business and let the world know about Reliance. He was just outstanding and had determination and desire. Even at the time of founding the roots of business he was so much careful about his family members. He didn’t let them sacrifice the enjoyment during those hard times. This shows his real genius as a visionary business personality.

On his 85th birth anniversary, let’s pray that still Reliance stands apart in the years to come. And let make this visionary proud by being the entrepreneur.

Aamir Khan – Happywala Birthday

Hey, friends! Do you know why 14th March is so special? Oh! No. Come on guys, if you just push your brain, you will definitely come to know. It is a special day because it is a birthday of one of the famous celebrities of Bollywood.

Yes, you are absolutely right. It’s none other than the perfectionist. It’s Aamir sir’s birthday. Aamir Khan is known as the perfectionist in Hindi Cinema. His birthday falls on 14th March, 2017. It is also a big day for his fans all over the world. He is turning 51 on this day.

He has been in the Bollywood industry for the last three decades and is giving awesome performances in unique roles in different movies. He has played heart-throbbing roles in movies like PK, 3 idiots, Taare Zamen Par, Dhoom 3 and others.

Recently, he is in news because of his new avatar – the Bapu. He played altogether a different role in his latest movie – Dangal. He drastically increased his body weight in order to justify the role offered. And this role is appreciated by his fans and critics. This is what an actor needs from his fans.

But, when it comes to Aamir Khan, he never leaves any stone unturned. He proves his skills on the screen. So, we hope to see him in many more new roles.

Now, let’s wish him best wishes for his coming years. May God fulfill all his dreams and make him happy, healthy and hilarious in his life!