Karva Chauth – a Devotional day of Relationship

This is one of the best examples of Indian culture showing respect, devotion and dedication between husband & wife relationship. Yes, I am talking about Karva Chauth. It is Aasho Wad chauth as per Gujarati calendar the fourth day of Aasho Month. It is celebrated with devotion, dedication and being prayerful whole day.

Since centuries, this day has its own importance in Indian families wherever they are living on this planet.  There isn’t any necessity being in India only. The wife keeps a fast whole day without having a drop of water. She does this in respect of her husband showing love. And, for making their relationship stronger, longer and eternal.

She keeps fast till she sees the moon. Then she looks at her husband and performs prayer. This gives happiness, heath and prosperity in their life and family. Even the wife offers gifts to her mother-in-law. And seek blessings from the elder family members.

The husband-wife relation is so wonderful and joyous that you have whole life to be together whether pain or pleasure. And that is why the wife does this ritual to give more to her relationship. By offering herself to God and keeping fast a whole day, she wins the family members hearts and become loving.

Of course, this is one of the lovely days in Indian families. I wish a lovely, prayerful, blissful, devotional Karva Chauth to all!

A Bhadbhut fair in Gujarat

It is one of the opportunities to visit the village of Bhadbhut. And the reason is because a fair. This fair comes every 18 years. On Adhik month (as per the Guajarati calendar) it comes. To attend this fair of Lord Shiva is really religious.

Bhadbhut is situated near the bank of Narmada River, near the city of Bharuch, Gujarat. There are few temples which are of 2000 years old. And Bhadbhuteshwar Mahadev temple is one of them. In this temple, there is a big black Shivalinga. On which the water of holy river Narmada falls.

This temple is very significant reminiscence of Lord Shiva. The Shivalinga appeared automatically. And till date it is there. People come and pray there.  They offer water and the leaves of Bili (a tree). People feel soulful visiting the temple and the place.

Even it is a ritual to take a bath in a holy river. So, people take bath in the Narmada River. It is believed that every bath cleanses the sins and makes one pure.

So, here is an opportunity for you to visit a fair that happens every 18 years.

A way of Gautama the Buddha

It is a beautiful story about Buddha’s way of life. It happened one day that Buddha was in a village. And in that village there is a widow whose only son just died. She was crying and full of pain. She wanted her son to be alive at any cost.

The villagers listened her crying. One of them suggested her to go to Buddha and told her that Buddha can give life back to your son. He also said that Buddha has godliness. A ray of hope ignited her. Immediately she went to Buddha and asked Him the story about her son. And now she wants him to be alive.

After listening to her, Buddha replied very calmly and said I can bring life back to your son. Provided that you bring some mustard seed from the village. She became the happiest and said I will bring lots of seed.

Buddha said but please listen that you have to bring those mustard seed from a house where no one has ever died. Then only I can give life back to your son. She said I agree to your condition. After then she goes to the village and ask for the mustard seed. She visits one home to another and so on.  The villagers were ready to give her the seed but unfortunately they all had someone died in their homes.

At last she understood. She returns to Buddha. Now, there is no despair in her eyes. Her face is glowing. She just bows down to Buddha and asks Him to let her know what He knows. What is that which never dies? What you know that I am ignorant about?

And Buddha initiated her to the path of truth. This is how Buddha gives solutions.

Moral of the story:

Life gives no pain. It is we that expect unnatural from the nature. So accept reality. Life is showing bliss.