Deepika Padukone – the most hilarious actress in Hindi Cinema

It is truly said that “time rules the world, not the person”. So is a case in the Bollywood industry especially in female category. With the advent of the most hilarious and charming Deepika Padukone, the time has changed and she is now the queen of Hindi movies.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark on 5th January, 1986, Deepika is ruling the Indian Cinema with her heartfelt performance in the films. And the audiences give her applaud for the fantastic acting. She pours her heart into the character and emerges with the reality look. And this justifies her characterization from the perspective of an art and drama.

She stepped into the film industry with her first Kannada movie Aishwarya. And then she appeared in Hindi melodrama Om Shanti Om with Shah Rukh Khan. She is in a way very charming, appealing and the gorgeous personality in the industry.

Om Shanti Om has earned her a Filmfare Award for the Best Female Debut. Even her performance has been applauded in Cocktail and she received unanimous critical appreciation. This is her turning point in her career as an actress.

She is the most dearly and fun-loving person in today’s cinema world.