Buddha at the door steps of Heaven

There is a beautiful story about Gautam Buddha:

When he arrives at the gate of heaven, he is welcomed with love. He receives royal treatment. They play great music to receive Buddha. The angels offer him garlands and what not…but Buddha refuses to enter Heaven. He says: “I will wait here. Till the last being has entered heaven I cannot enter ”.

The angels argue Gautam Buddha that, “this will take eternity…for everybody – all men, all women, all animals, all insects and the others… If you think that all the beings should enter first then it will take eternity”.

Buddha says, “It is nothing to be worried about. I will wait. I can wait. I know how to wait. I am eternally blissful already.  What more can heaven give to me? I cannot enter heaven unless everybody else has entered”.

It is said that Buddha is still waiting at the gate of heaven. The angels are still trying to convince him. Unfortunately, they fail.

Why Buddha is waiting? He knows perfectly well that we are all one. Then how can he only enter heaven. Is it possible to enter Buddha’s hand to heaven? His legs alone to heaven! His nose to heaven! Simply no!

Gautam Buddha has faith that one day every one of us will enter the heaven.

The moral of the story:

Should we make Gautam Buddha wait more and more? It is up to us.  For me, certainly not! Then let’s start meditating every day, every moment, every fraction of seconds…and the Buddha will help, the Guru will help us to enter in to heaven. His grace is enough. Just we have to be conscious about it. Meditation happens and we enter heaven and Buddha enters…

A way of Gautama the Buddha

It is a beautiful story about Buddha’s way of life. It happened one day that Buddha was in a village. And in that village there is a widow whose only son just died. She was crying and full of pain. She wanted her son to be alive at any cost.

The villagers listened her crying. One of them suggested her to go to Buddha and told her that Buddha can give life back to your son. He also said that Buddha has godliness. A ray of hope ignited her. Immediately she went to Buddha and asked Him the story about her son. And now she wants him to be alive.

After listening to her, Buddha replied very calmly and said I can bring life back to your son. Provided that you bring some mustard seed from the village. She became the happiest and said I will bring lots of seed.

Buddha said but please listen that you have to bring those mustard seed from a house where no one has ever died. Then only I can give life back to your son. She said I agree to your condition. After then she goes to the village and ask for the mustard seed. She visits one home to another and so on.  The villagers were ready to give her the seed but unfortunately they all had someone died in their homes.

At last she understood. She returns to Buddha. Now, there is no despair in her eyes. Her face is glowing. She just bows down to Buddha and asks Him to let her know what He knows. What is that which never dies? What you know that I am ignorant about?

And Buddha initiated her to the path of truth. This is how Buddha gives solutions.

Moral of the story:

Life gives no pain. It is we that expect unnatural from the nature. So accept reality. Life is showing bliss.