It’s time to welcome your Bollywood bhai… On this Id, Salman Khan is coming with his new film. He is very famous for box office hit movies. Salman Khan is a man with entertaining movie that completely gives you full paisa vasool feeling.

Yes, so this time, get ready for watching Salman Khan upcoming movie on 23rd June, 2017. It is Tubelight.

Tubelight is a war drama film. It is directed by Kabir Khan and its producer is none other than Salman Khan. So it is definitely going to be the full masala movie that will surely give you thrilling and awesome watching experience. Of course, with your favorite Pop Corn!!!

Salman Khan is a kind of Bollywood star who believes in producing one or two films in a year. But, he does it with his full dedication. That’s the reason majority of his films cross 100 crores business on box office.

This time, Tubelight is going to cross this limit or not….But, being his fan, we wish Salman Khan that this film will also come in to the category of 100 crore film.

Friends, book your tickets now from any of your favorite movie apps and enjoy this cinema with your friends and family members having refreshing cold-drinks and pop corns.

Be there and watch out a wonderful war drama with Salman Khan’s new avatar.

Sachin – A Billion Dreams

When it comes to India, cricketing is one of the biggest craze for almost every countrymen. Whether one is a child or an elder, he loves to play cricket-match with friends in their home ground. Home ground doesn’t mean a special ground. It is a place full of crowd, people may come and go and sometimes, you can find these cricket lovers playing it on road sides. This is how people are crazy for this game.

For decades, this game has become popular in this country. But, a small young boy of 16 years of age has changed attitude of this game. Yes, he is the master-blaster cricket player – Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin is known as the God of cricket. He has undoubtedly played this game as his worship. He showed his 100% dedication. This is a reason his fans are too much crazy for him. Whenever he is on the ground, the breath stops. The country stops.

Sachin is such a powerful and passionate cricket player that he used to practice around 16 hours a day. It is said that he wore a single pair of trousers while practicing for 55 days. He is the only cricket-player who has made many records on his name.

He is a cool, calm and sincere person. He believes in motivating his team. Being a much popular cricketer all over the world, he is still down to earth. This is what makes a person real hero for billions.

On 26-May-2017, his movie is going to release. Its name is ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’. This movie is all about his cricket journey. But it will definitely show how a small boy became a God of cricket arena. This will be the best entertainment as well as learning from a great person. He has played in Indian cricket team for 20+ years and made India win many tournaments.

To watch this movie will be a different experience. So, go and watch it….

Mother’s Day

Each and every day has its own importance. However, there is one day which is very special for all of us. That falls on 2nd Sunday in the month of May.  Yes, it is Mother’s Day. We owe a lot to mother. Precious than precious and of course priceless. That is what mother is all about. She has just given us birth to live life. Don’t you feel that’s enough?

Mother cares a lot for her child. Even though a child has grown up, she does take care of. That is why she is mother and very much dear to all of us. Then how can we forget to give a little with emotions, feeling and love?

For a mother, just your feeling, warmth, love, emotions are more than enough. If you have not shown her that you really love her then please do show her your priceless feelings. You won’t believe that showing affection is a magic. It can heal any of the wounds.

So, be ready on the second Sunday of this May and make her happiest than ever. If you do so, God showers bliss upon you. Mother has bore more than she could. And today whatever we are that is simply because of her sacrifice and care.

Mother always wishes her child to be joyous and happy from her inner depth. So let’s give her our time and spare with her and make her fully happy with our love and gratitude.

Wishing you a lovely mother’s day! Enjoy the moments together.