Rath Yatra – The Chariot Procession of Divine

India is a place where mystery and mystical happenings occurs every day. Today is a very special day in the nation. People celebrate this day as Rath Yatra or Ashadha Shukla Dwitiya. For centuries this spiritual procession has been wholeheartedly celebrated across India.

The chariot procession of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra starts from Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha. And the devotees of trinity enjoy this holy journey dancing and singing Kirtans and Bhajans. Moreover, there are some trained athletes who perform different stunts in order to make pilgrimage more joyous.

‘Rath’ means a chariot and ‘Yatra’ means a pilgrimage or a journey.  In India, this holy and pure chariot procession is celebrated in almost all the major cities such as Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Dwarka, Dakor, Rajkot, Mumbai, and the cities.

In Ahmedabad, 140th Rath Yatra is going to start today from Jagannath temple. It passes through every corner of the city and people welcome it with pious hearts. The devotees shout and cheer. They sprinkle colors on each others. They also sprinkle water. During this whole pilgrimage, visitors receive holy food – ‘prasada’. The holy food contains row grains and soft drinks like buttermilk.

The main ritual associated with this procession is Chhera Pahara. In this process, the Gajapati King wears sweeper’s outfits and sweeps the road with a golden handle broom and sandalwood water. Before the chariot comes, Gajapati cleans road. The procession is arranged in order to take the deities to Mausi Maa temple.

Now-a-days, this procession has become very enjoying. People wear colorful and traditional clothes and perform dance with DJ. There are other cities of foreign countries like New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Moscow, Toronto, Manchester, Singapore, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and others celebrate Rath Yatra. People love to celebrate holy festivals all over the world in order to feel more joyous and relaxed.

So, enjoy the chariot procession in your city and indulge into piousness!

Lord Hanuman – Embodiment of Super Human Qualities

We are living in a world of different culture and unique beliefs. But when one lands on to India, he/she comes to know about it in real sense. India is not just a country to visit and see monuments. Rather it is a living legend where one can truly explore super human qualities of oneself.

In 21st century it is silly to talk about such things, many people think so. Though it is modern and scientific age, it is absolutely true to identify super human qualities in any person. Lord Hanuman possessed those qualities.

According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Hanuman had 8 Shiddhies and 9 Niddhis. He had practiced intense and deeper meditation and then unfolded the hidden potential. That is why, people pray to Lord Hanuman as the super human being. He could take any form. He could become bigger or tiny. He could fly, swim and went through any of obstacles.

Lord Hanuman is an embodiment of super human qualities. In order to uncover the hidden potential of any human being, one must practice continuous and deeper meditation every day. There are thousands of Yogis, Rushies and Munis who possess such powerful qualities.

Now-a-days, scientists have discovered such camera through which we can really know about it. The camera is called the Kirlian photography. It is named after a Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian. Through this photography, one can identify the aura and can explain different colors. Depending upon the colors, his/her capabilities and abilities can be identified.

Through science, it has become easier to identify such super human qualities in any person. If a person is meditating from so long, he or she would possess those qualities. There are many yogic scientists who have gone through such test and the results are amazing.

April 11, 2017 is the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman. It is the full moon day. Millions of devotees invoke and recite hymns of Shri Hanuman so that they can explore their potential. Be super human, plunge into your deeper side.

Should One Celebrate the Birthday of Mahavira?

Around 2500 years ago, a great incident took place in Vaishali, an ancient city in Bihar. King Siddhartha and his queen Trishala gave birth to a son named Vardhamana. Later he is known as Lord Mahavira. Today he is famous as the twenty-fourth Tirthankara of Jainism. Jain people worship Mahavira every day. They go to Derasaras and do rituals as per the tradition.

This is all okay! But, still there remains a question of celebrating the birthday of Lord Mahavira? How many of you agree with celebrating his birthday by just worshiping and praying him? It is just a tradition. And a tradition never brings a complete change in anybody’s life.

The reason is; Vardhamana himself broken the tradition and went for a deep, rigorous and intense ‘Sadhana’ (meditation) in order to know the divinity residing in him, in every human being. At the age of 30, he left all the worldly pleasure and started his journey for Truth. He attained enlightenment after 12 years of continuous meditation practice. He achieved Kevala Jnana – the Enlightenment at the age of 42 years when sitting under the Ashoka tree. Then after the whole of the world came to know about him and he was being known as Lord Mahavira instead of Vardhamana.

It simply means he himself did real practice of meditation and then he attained the knowledge of Truth – Kevala Jnana. Now, what do you think? Should one just celebrate his birthday by worshiping? In one way, a big YES! It reminds the mankind that any normal human being can be Mahavira. Mahavira is the highest possibility of a human being.

Yes, by celebrating the birthday of Mahavira, a strong and deep message is conveyed to the whole of the mankind that anyone can go to his/her higher state and can become Mahavira. But it won’t happen only by rituals and worshiping his idols. It requires a real practice of deep meditation – Sadhana every day.

This is how one can truly celebrate the birthday of Lord Mahavira. Mahavira simply wishes everyone to be Mahavira. So, what are you thinking now? Time has come now to start meditating. Life begins from here…