Being in love

This is what everyone wants to be in. Aren’t you? We, human beings, are the most intelligent creatures among others on this planet. However, there is something which is beyond the intelligence. Knowing that you have intelligence is an intelligent logic. Through this, people can earn their life, become rich, can develop business and what not.

Life is not only for living and leaving. It is more than it. Life is living lively. Yes it is surely true. And you are here to make it big. You can make your life more joyous in being in love. When someone is in love, the person feels gratitude. It is believed that love makes you pure. Love can transform a person in to a being. Because being is what we actually are. Just living life with pleasure.

Now, the question may arise that with who you can be in love with. You see love happens. It is related to heart. So there is no question about it. Just you can be in love with yourself. You love without condition that is only love. There is no second being in love. When two merges into one then love happens.

You agree to other. It means you dissolve your being and become one with the other. This is simply being in love means. Those who are in love are fortunate ones. They feel their oneness. That is why it is said “love is blind”.

The only reason why love is blind is because the mind is defeated by the heart.  The decision comes from the very core of the heart. So being in love is bliss. It is like a drop of water is dissolving into an ocean. I wish each and every one dissolve into an ocean and be love. This is the only way to make living loving.