Love – Platonic in its Nature

Since the beginning of this world, it is only one thing that keeps us all alive and it is LOVE. It actually has no definition. And to limit ‘Love’ in to a verbal or written definition simply means killing its pure essence.

You just close your glittering eyes and a face will come in front of you. That’s a face of your loved ones. You truly love someone not because of his/her possessions or materialistic abundance. But, simply you would wish to be with him/her. You eagerly wait for that person and just want to live your whole life without any questions. That is what love is.

In real sense, love is neither true nor real. Love is simply love. Love has no synonymous is real world. You may find one in a grammatical dictionary. But life doesn’t work on bookish knowledge. Life is like a flowing river that keeps moving in its natural way. If there comes any hurdle, it passes through and makes its own way.

Love is a pure feeling to be with someone. You love and like to be loved by someone who cares for you. You die to live in a company of your favorite person. It connects you without any logic and intelligence. It is absence of intelligence.

As love is concerned with heart, it is always said that “love is blind’. There are thousands of people who accept that it is blind because they have experienced love. They fell in love and they are living a marvelous and majestic life with someone for whom they are ready to sacrifice anything and everything.

We have a true story of Layla and Majnun. Whenever there is a discussion on love, people across the world remember these two true lovers. They are always remembered because they loved each other so desperately that they became the milestone of love.

Love of Layla and Majnun was as pure as dew drops. It happened in 7th century when Qais ibn Al-Mulawah and Layla fell in love and now they are known as Layla & Majnun. They were deeply in love with each other. Layla’s father was against this relationship and he did not permit her daughter to marry with Qais. He loved her so much that people gave him an epithet ‘Majnun’. It means a crazy. Their love story is now world famous.

Love doesn’t mean cheating or bodily relationships. Love of Layla and Majnun was called as ‘Virgin Love’ or in another word, it is Platonic love. They love in order to love. They have no other intention. Their pure intention is loving the opponent wholeheartedly without any condition.

In Hindi cinema, there are many movies that depict the story of Layla & Majnun. There are many poems written on them. So, love is a pure and pious feeling that comes out of one’s pure heart. And it attracts pure heart too.

If you are in love with someone, it’s time to say ‘I love you’. Have no obsession and no possession. It you are having possession of that person….do you think it is love? Think over it! Simply love and make the world loving and beautiful.

Mother’s Day

Each and every day has its own importance. However, there is one day which is very special for all of us. That falls on 2nd Sunday in the month of May.  Yes, it is Mother’s Day. We owe a lot to mother. Precious than precious and of course priceless. That is what mother is all about. She has just given us birth to live life. Don’t you feel that’s enough?

Mother cares a lot for her child. Even though a child has grown up, she does take care of. That is why she is mother and very much dear to all of us. Then how can we forget to give a little with emotions, feeling and love?

For a mother, just your feeling, warmth, love, emotions are more than enough. If you have not shown her that you really love her then please do show her your priceless feelings. You won’t believe that showing affection is a magic. It can heal any of the wounds.

So, be ready on the second Sunday of this May and make her happiest than ever. If you do so, God showers bliss upon you. Mother has bore more than she could. And today whatever we are that is simply because of her sacrifice and care.

Mother always wishes her child to be joyous and happy from her inner depth. So let’s give her our time and spare with her and make her fully happy with our love and gratitude.

Wishing you a lovely mother’s day! Enjoy the moments together.

Fall in love with your child…

Sometimes it happens that many of us miss out very important moments in life. Life never waits for anyone that we are well aware about. However, we do not pay enough attention to it. At some point in life, we realize that something we missed. We regret for it ever. We missed playing with children. We didn’t give enough time to them.

Happens! But, please do not waste any more moments in thinking about the gone days because every morning has a different taste to give. Simply grab this moment. And fall in love with your child/children. They want you.

It is amazing to know that a young boy can fall in love with a young girl. They get married. Have a child. But they aren’t in love with a child. Isn’t it surprising? The majority of people do this consciously or unconsciously.

A baby wants your love. It wants your warmness. Just love to him/her. And you will receive tremendous love, joy and happiness. Seeing your child happy, of course you will rejoice. This is what life is all about.

But what happens that due to some problems whether work related or family oriented, we miss out our attention to little ones. Please understand that these days are of tremendous important to them. They can grow more if nourished with love.

Children have great potential in them. Just give a way so that they can explore more. Even you won’t imagine how greater they can be if given proper opportunities at this stage. And that can be done simply by falling in love with them.