A Master Blaster Player: Sachin Tendulkar

Who doesn’t remember a person who just completed 100th ton in his cricket span? Yes, we do respect him a lot. And we know him as a master blaster cricketer. Right? He is none other than Sachin Tendulkar.

Even Sir Don Bradman said for him that when he saw him playing he thought that he himself is playing on the ground. This is more than a compliment for Sachin. Sir Don invited him to his birthday party. This can prove his cricket genius.

From his childhood, Sachin had a great feeling for cricket and played in the school. His plays for the country he said in one of the interviews. This is very true to him and that is why today he has been given respect all over the world.

Sachin Tendulkar is simple person. Even his nature is down to earth. His concentration is amazing and that has made him won today what he has. He is the only cricketer in Indian team who has given 20 years to the cricket world.

One can learn a lot from his game as he plays with true sportsmanship.  One of his best points is he has never shown over-confidence in his nature while playing the game. He stays cool and calm and just focuses on the ball whether playing the game or holding the ball while doing fielding.

This is what Sachin Tendulkar is. Apart from cricket he has step forwarded towards business world. In some of the countries, you can see Sachin’s restaurants. Today whatever he has gained is because of his seer hard work towards the game.

He is too much passionate about his game and even today he regularly goes to the ground for practicing the game. Here comes a real player. This we should learn that every day is new and have to prepare for the new challenges.

Let’s wish him and his family the best in their life.