Dr. B. R. Ambedkar – A Man for the Mankind

When we go through the pages of history, we come to know that ‘fortune always favors the Brave’. It is true in the case of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. He is widely known as Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. He was born in India before independence in a trodden and a poor family that was not accepted by the upper caste people of the country.

Here begins his story of forbearance, continuous hard work, patience and passion. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar had achieved many degrees in different areas such as Economics, Law, and Philosophy etc. Being a rejected person, he had to suffer a lot that one cannot even imagine. But, he accepted all the problems of life and changed the face of adversity in to opportunity.

Through his knowledge and clear wit, he did a great work for the oppressed people of India. He is the one who fought for the rights of human beings against Congress and Gandhi. Dr. Saheb had written many books. But, one of the most debatable books is ‘the Problem of Rupee’.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is now the most respectable name all across the world. Recently, the University of Columbia has declared him as the symbol of Knowledge. Indian Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi has started an application on his name – BHIM App.

Indian government has given him the highest prestigious award – the Bharat Ratna after his death. Really, he was the stepping stone in awakening the life standards of the oppressed and the trodden class. He had been offered to write the constitution of independent India. And he accepted the offer and wholeheartedly did his duty by offering the country the best constitution.

Today, people know him as the hero of humanity. He actually lived for the lives of human being. He strongly believed in equality, justice and brotherhood. He is the one who started a campaign of learning women in India. Also, he followed the path of Buddha. He believed that Buddhism has no inequality.

In words of Aamir Khan; “he is the leader of the world”. Millions of famous personalities call him as the greatest man of the world.

At last, we can only that by the cost of his family and his ill-health, he struggled unwaveringly without any doubt in order to give due respect to the mankind from the mankind. So, let’s remember him on 14th April as this is his birth anniversary.

Swami Vivekananda – Is this name remained only on the pages???

It’s been 150 years and we can see that still India is not free from poverty, unemployment, hunger and other essential matters of life. Why this is still so? A person whom we give due respect and feel proud about him is none other than the most revered personality all over the world. He is the icon of youth – Swami Vivekananda.

Today, if we still have the problems mentioned above then we have not fulfilled Swamiji’s dream of India. Have we done justice to Him? Are we fair enough for what he left to the coming generation to fulfill?

Okay, let’s not give any excuse about the past. Let’s start here and now, today! What he has said can be implemented today. He said;

“Awake, Arise and stop not till the goal is reached”.

Now, we should at least be responsible for his dream of India. He wanted only 100 persons to change the fate and destiny of the mankind. Alas! He could not get at that time. But, can we not come forward and change the fate and destiny of the human race? Ask a question to yourself. Ponder about it. Think on it.  I’m sure that you will get an answer from within.

So, friends we all know how Vivekananda was and what contribution he gave for the mankind. Let’s not make him remember only on the pages of the books. Or just an occasion improving personality that we cite some of his words and maxims and we get respect instead of him.

We all are very good then where is the problem. Why still India is called a 3rd nation. Don’t want India to be a 1st Nation? It is we who can transform the nation. It can happen with the help of each other. Let’s be together and make Swami Vivekananda alive!

The Queen of Music fans : Jennifer Lopez

It is said; “when God gives, gives with thousands hands”. It is 100% true for a throbbing singer J. Lo. Isn’t it so? Jennifer Lopez is one of the names in the Hollywood Film Industry who adds honor to her country.

She is a heart-throbbing, romantic and of course a talented personality. Even she is gorgeous and a showbiz. When she performs on the stage for her fans and friends, she makes them go crazy with her touching voice. She has been ever in a talk due to her personal relationships. Her first relationship was with Seam Combs, a media mogul.

Though a busy personality, she has been running a nonprofit organization for the children who do not get quality health care, doctors and health. Its name is ‘Lopez Family Foundation’. She wanted to run the organization but could do it till her daughter was admitted to hospital. Then she realized that there should not be any more delay and with her sister Lynda Lopez they started the organization in the year 2009.

As a public figure she is a role model of many youngsters. She was described as a “rarity” and one of few “Hollywood stars who you can admire” by Ray Martin of 60 Minutes. She has performed in many albums that have made records in the world of Music. Also, as an actress, she left a remarkable impact on the minds and life of the audience. People love her role, acting, character, personality.

After all, she is a queen of music lovers and I would like to admit that she really cares about her fans. Let’s wish her marvelous life ahead!