Abraham Lincoln – A Man with A Never Die Spirit

The world has produced unbelievable persons. And the history of mankind is full of powerful individuals who have always helped the world through their incredible work. Here, I am going to share with you about a person whom we all remember for his undying spirit for his nation.

Yes, I am talking about one and the only Abraham Lincoln. He became the 16th President of the United States. He was one of the greatest heroic persons of America. Abraham Lincoln was ever remembered due to his implausible impact on USA. His story surely inspires millions of people across the globe. He is regarded as an icon for his nation because he had given his best during the U.S Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln was born on 12th February, 1809. Through his study, he became a lawyer. Since his childhood he had seen many ups and downs in his life. At the age of just 9 years, he lost his mother. This was the first unpleasant event happened in his life that made him harder. After this episode, his father remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston. She was a widow and had three children. Soon, she intermingled with new family and Abraham got affection from her like her mother.

Sarah encouraged Abraham Lincoln to learn reading. He thoroughly learned reading for about 18 months. His passion for reading grew so much that he used to walk miles away from his village to nearby book store to borrow a book. He read Robinson Crusoe, Pilgrims Progress, family Bible and others.

At the age of 22, Abraham started earning his living through labor. He had struggled from his childhood till to his later life. During the Black Hawk War in 1832, he was elected as a captain by the volunteers of the United States and Native Americans. This was his first move to political career. In 1834, he officially began his political career when he was elected as a member of the Whig Party.

From 1847 to 1849, Abraham Lincoln offered his service to the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1856, he joined hands with the Republic Party and he became the President. During the Civil War, he provided his remarkable service to the nation and today whole of the world remember him due to it.

At last, it is sad to know that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on 14th April, 1865. He was such a great personality that even today; we all recall his works for the nation and for people. He really lived his life as an icon of America.

Virat Kohli – An Aggressive Indian Skipper

India has produced many young talents in every arena of life. India is now stepping ahead because of our respectful sports persons. And cricket is one of the hot favorite games in this country. People forget everything when there is a session of cricket tournament.

Is there anyone who doesn’t know Virat Kohli? He is an Indian Batsman who is now going to overtake Sachin’s records. He is now playing the role of skipper in the team. And his sportsmanship has been acclaimed by fans and the cricket associates.

Why he is so famous is because he is truly dedicated and dashing batsman. He never lets any stone unturned in order to make the team win. He simply plays with aggression and hits six after six.

Every successful person has its own story. So is with Virat Kohli. Since his childhood he is obsessed with cricket-match. He was playing cricket matches when he was in 9th standard in school. He believed that his father was great inspiration for cricket. Whatever today he is, is because of his father. But unfortunately, at early age, he lost his dear father.

There was time, when his economical condition was not good. He was living on a rented house with family. So he learnt many things during his hard-time. That’s why we have an aggressive and hitting batsman in Indian team.

When he comes to bat on the ground, whole of the ground cheers for him and shouts his name. He also takes perfect decision and perfectly fulfills his responsibility. Though he was in news because of his affair, there is no negative impact on his game. This is what a real sign of a positive and confident batsman.

Virat is now going to set new targets breaking all previous records. Fans feel thrilling while he is on the ground. Enjoy his chasing batting and pray for him for better future.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar – A Man for the Mankind

When we go through the pages of history, we come to know that ‘fortune always favors the Brave’. It is true in the case of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. He is widely known as Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. He was born in India before independence in a trodden and a poor family that was not accepted by the upper caste people of the country.

Here begins his story of forbearance, continuous hard work, patience and passion. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar had achieved many degrees in different areas such as Economics, Law, and Philosophy etc. Being a rejected person, he had to suffer a lot that one cannot even imagine. But, he accepted all the problems of life and changed the face of adversity in to opportunity.

Through his knowledge and clear wit, he did a great work for the oppressed people of India. He is the one who fought for the rights of human beings against Congress and Gandhi. Dr. Saheb had written many books. But, one of the most debatable books is ‘the Problem of Rupee’.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is now the most respectable name all across the world. Recently, the University of Columbia has declared him as the symbol of Knowledge. Indian Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi has started an application on his name – BHIM App.

Indian government has given him the highest prestigious award – the Bharat Ratna after his death. Really, he was the stepping stone in awakening the life standards of the oppressed and the trodden class. He had been offered to write the constitution of independent India. And he accepted the offer and wholeheartedly did his duty by offering the country the best constitution.

Today, people know him as the hero of humanity. He actually lived for the lives of human being. He strongly believed in equality, justice and brotherhood. He is the one who started a campaign of learning women in India. Also, he followed the path of Buddha. He believed that Buddhism has no inequality.

In words of Aamir Khan; “he is the leader of the world”. Millions of famous personalities call him as the greatest man of the world.

At last, we can only that by the cost of his family and his ill-health, he struggled unwaveringly without any doubt in order to give due respect to the mankind from the mankind. So, let’s remember him on 14th April as this is his birth anniversary.