IPL – 10 : A Festival of Thrill & Excitement

Sometimes, some creation happens naturally out of creativity and necessity. IPL is one of the creations that provide awesome entertainment to the audiences all over the world. It creates feelings of excitement, romance and thrilling.

The journey began before 10 years in India. Mr. Lalit Modi gave birth to the Indian Premier League and now whole of the cricket world is connected with it. Though there were confusion and controversy, it still continues to entertain fully without any break.

Today, on April 5, IPL -10 is going to begin with its opening ceremony. It is the festival of Trill and Excitement for coming 47 days. So, just hold back and be the witness. During this tournament, around 60 matches will be played between different teams from April 5 to May 21.

The beauty of Indian Premier League is; it has connected and mixed all the players from different corners of the world. Now, they are playing as a team in IPL. But in other cricket-matches, they used to play for their respective countries. They play wholeheartedly in order to make their countries win. However, it is just a game. So, it is definitely that there is going to be one winner only.

But, when we talk about IPL, it gives altogether a different scenario for the cricket fans. All the cricketers play together against team. There is no country playing; only the team. That is why it gives the spirit of unity and oneness.

From today onwards, people will stop watching their usual TV programs as IPL begins today around 5:30 pm. So, all the cricket fans are eyeing only on Indian Premier League. The first match is between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore. It will be played at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad.

Simply enjoy the real entertainment for next 47 days, chilling in severe heat of summer at your home or offices.

Baahubali 2 – An Epic of Indian Cinema

There are millions of fans of Indian Cinema who are rigorously waiting for one of the best directed films of India. And their wait is going to end on its release on 28th April, 2017. It is Baahubali 2.

Baahubali is a movie that makes everyone spellbound through its direction, cinematography, music, acting, palace sets, natural scenes and a powerful captivating story. It could happen because of the genius. That’s true!

When a genius thoroughly keeps his eyes on a particular story, an epic is definitely going to come out of his sheer efforts and dedication. Yes, S.S. Rajamouli has created history by directing Baahubali and Baahubali 2.

Baahubali – the Beginning and Baahubali – the Conclusion are one story in two different parts. This is the beauty of renowned S.S. Rajamouliji that he could so honestly do it with the help of his whole of the crew.

This movie is going to break all the records of Indian Cinema. His cast team is also excited to see the whopping response of the audiences. Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati, Tamannah and others are known as the best actors in the cinema arena.

Baahubali is a story of family betrayal, loyalty, worrier-ship and a throne. Rajamouli sir has really depicted this story so beautifully that no one can dare not to watch this movie. It is heart-touching and captivating. It makes us all alive and makes us travel through the pages of history of kingdom and kingships.

So, it is endless to write on this epic subject. Just be there on 28th April, 2017 and truly enjoy the best romantic thriller ever with your loved friends in your favorite theatres. Baahubali will make your senses contained and above all it will behold you without letting your attention scattered.

Just watch it out Baahubali 2!

Aamir Khan – Happywala Birthday

Hey, friends! Do you know why 14th March is so special? Oh! No. Come on guys, if you just push your brain, you will definitely come to know. It is a special day because it is a birthday of one of the famous celebrities of Bollywood.

Yes, you are absolutely right. It’s none other than the perfectionist. It’s Aamir sir’s birthday. Aamir Khan is known as the perfectionist in Hindi Cinema. His birthday falls on 14th March, 2017. It is also a big day for his fans all over the world. He is turning 51 on this day.

He has been in the Bollywood industry for the last three decades and is giving awesome performances in unique roles in different movies. He has played heart-throbbing roles in movies like PK, 3 idiots, Taare Zamen Par, Dhoom 3 and others.

Recently, he is in news because of his new avatar – the Bapu. He played altogether a different role in his latest movie – Dangal. He drastically increased his body weight in order to justify the role offered. And this role is appreciated by his fans and critics. This is what an actor needs from his fans.

But, when it comes to Aamir Khan, he never leaves any stone unturned. He proves his skills on the screen. So, we hope to see him in many more new roles.

Now, let’s wish him best wishes for his coming years. May God fulfill all his dreams and make him happy, healthy and hilarious in his life!