Mother’s Day

Each and every day has its own importance. However, there is one day which is very special for all of us. That falls on 2nd Sunday in the month of May.  Yes, it is Mother’s Day. We owe a lot to mother. Precious than precious and of course priceless. That is what mother is all about. She has just given us birth to live life. Don’t you feel that’s enough?

Mother cares a lot for her child. Even though a child has grown up, she does take care of. That is why she is mother and very much dear to all of us. Then how can we forget to give a little with emotions, feeling and love?

For a mother, just your feeling, warmth, love, emotions are more than enough. If you have not shown her that you really love her then please do show her your priceless feelings. You won’t believe that showing affection is a magic. It can heal any of the wounds.

So, be ready on the second Sunday of this May and make her happiest than ever. If you do so, God showers bliss upon you. Mother has bore more than she could. And today whatever we are that is simply because of her sacrifice and care.

Mother always wishes her child to be joyous and happy from her inner depth. So let’s give her our time and spare with her and make her fully happy with our love and gratitude.

Wishing you a lovely mother’s day! Enjoy the moments together.

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