Ram Navami – Birthday of Lord Rama

India is a land of spirituality. It is a place that people love to experience rather than to visit it. The reason for this is here thousands of sages born and they helped human beings to evolve in every sphere of life. One such personality is known as Ram or Lord Rama.

Lord Rama was born on ninth day of the Gujarati month – Chaitra. This is why people celebrate this day as Ram Navami. This is the period of spring Navratri. On this day, especially vaishav community does prayers and observes fast. In some homes, many families prepare delicious food dishes like Puri & Shrikhand and celebrate birthday of Lord Rama.

Rama is regarded as the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is also known as ‘Maryada Pursottam’. This term refers to as a person who is highly disciplined and obedient. He works morally, ethically and spiritually.

Rama was son of the king Dasharatha and Kausalya of Ayodhya. He is much disciplined son amongst three other sons of the king. He is also elder to all his brothers. Lord Rama is famous for his truthfulness and promises. As a king, he never took the side of his family and given right justice to the people of his kingdom.

On this day, devotees sing bhajans, perform kirtans and do devotional dances in temples. In different parts of India, some people chant Ramayana while others play the drama of Ramayana on the stage in front of all the villagers.

In this way, people celebrate the birthday of Lord Rama depending upon their faith and their religious belief. So, you can also celebrate this unique and special birthday of Rama with your family. Prepare fine and delicious dishes, garnish them and enjoy sweet and tasty food in the loving memory of Lord Rama.

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