IPL – 10 : A Festival of Thrill & Excitement

Sometimes, some creation happens naturally out of creativity and necessity. IPL is one of the creations that provide awesome entertainment to the audiences all over the world. It creates feelings of excitement, romance and thrilling.

The journey began before 10 years in India. Mr. Lalit Modi gave birth to the Indian Premier League and now whole of the cricket world is connected with it. Though there were confusion and controversy, it still continues to entertain fully without any break.

Today, on April 5, IPL -10 is going to begin with its opening ceremony. It is the festival of Trill and Excitement for coming 47 days. So, just hold back and be the witness. During this tournament, around 60 matches will be played between different teams from April 5 to May 21.

The beauty of Indian Premier League is; it has connected and mixed all the players from different corners of the world. Now, they are playing as a team in IPL. But in other cricket-matches, they used to play for their respective countries. They play wholeheartedly in order to make their countries win. However, it is just a game. So, it is definitely that there is going to be one winner only.

But, when we talk about IPL, it gives altogether a different scenario for the cricket fans. All the cricketers play together against team. There is no country playing; only the team. That is why it gives the spirit of unity and oneness.

From today onwards, people will stop watching their usual TV programs as IPL begins today around 5:30 pm. So, all the cricket fans are eyeing only on Indian Premier League. The first match is between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore. It will be played at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad.

Simply enjoy the real entertainment for next 47 days, chilling in severe heat of summer at your home or offices.

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