Cashless to Casteless India : The Undivided Bharata

When it comes to India, there is an image of it as a poor country. Poor country means unemployment, people living below poverty line, populous areas, low rate of literate persons etc. This sounds insulting! Isn’t it so?

Actually, India is the most powerful country where there are enough chances to grow, to develop and to empower. However, the spirit is lacking. Still India is called the 3rd nation. It is not yet developed country.

In order to make India the powerful and prosperous country, there are some hurdles that must be removed, totally deleted from the country. To be developed country, a strong economy is essential. The GDP of India should be above 8% and should reach to 10 to 12%.

And to increase economic growth, the honorable Prime Minister – Shri Narendra Modi has begun a campaign called ‘cashless India’. This is a milestone for this country. It will change the future of the nation. Of course, it will take some time to show the results. Any great work requires patience. So, it definitely will affect the economy of this nation and will bring positive change.

But, to be a developed country, economy as well as social status of the countrymen should be equal. There should not be any racial discrimination amongst the people of the nation. India needs to improve this side. In this country, the politics is purely dependent on racism.

Chauvinism must be abolished sooner if you want to make India the Undivided Bharata. This is very orthodox mentality that has been holding back the whole of the nation. At least, from the side of the government, it has to bring to an end.

Bharata means the land of great worriers, sages, visionary wizards. Bharata means Culture and Respect. Bharata means Yoga and Meditation. Bharata simply means Greatness and Divinity. So, let’s close down bigotry and make the country casteless. Then only, Bharata would be again the most progressive and prosperous one.

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