Transforming the being: a HuMble reQueSt

It’s my humble request to all, the human being, to transform your being – Transform into godliness. Transformation is a science of the beyond.  Transformation is radical, a renaissance. It is a revolution unto yourself. It frees you from the limits and leaves you unburdened from the orthodox dogmas. It is a scientific way to make life happier and joyous.

Therefore, it is my urge to you that at least once in a day ponder about yourself, about the activities you are doing. You will have a glimpse of it. We all want to be happy. Aren’t we? We are in a pursuit of happiness. However, we just gain pain and suffering. Why? Have you ever thought about it?

If yes or no, please take a further step to make your life happier by transforming yourself towards godliness and then God.

Now, you may have a question about how to transform the being. It is very simple. It requires nothing but your time. That is expensive now-a-days. But please manage the expensive one and you can have the expensive back in abundance. Just spare 15-20 minutes. But give those minutes with 100%. And it will work.

Here is the process of transformation:

  • Please take a mat.
  • Sit on the mat with crossed legs. (You can sit as comfortable as possible. Take your time)
  • Put your hands on the knees with palms open.
  • Erect your spine (backbone). But be relaxed.
  • Now, close your eyes.
  • Make your body relax. As relax as you can.
  • Once the body is relaxed ask your mind to be relaxed. Say to yourself (without voice) that the mind is getting relaxed and in some time it gets relaxed.
  • Just sit in this position.
  • Whatever thoughts come in your mind just watch them. Watch them. Do not cling to any of them. Be the watcher. You are not a thought. Just watch…
  • And the peace will fall upon you. You will taste the peacefulness. And transformation starts… in its own way… it is unique…
  • When you feel to come out of it. Please do. Be slow and come out. Be graceful. Be thankful to the existence.

You can do it daily on regular basis. Within some weeks you can feel the difference. You will have an insight of living life. It is simply a science. A science of inner world. If you feel you are benefitted by this process, please do share with your friends, relatives, family members. And let’s make the world better. More humane. Be the change!

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