To be or not to be

It is very fundamental situation for each one of us. Each moment, there are always two ways to perform any action. But what to do and what not to do is main thing. Should one choose right or left? Who will decide what is right for you? That is why there is a question of it is to be or not to be.

In the drama ‘Hamlet’, William Shakespeare has described this situation for the prince Hamlet. Here is the soliloquy;

“To be or not to be is a question whether it is nobler in mind…”

This situation is same for the whole of the world. Whether one is rich or poor it doesn’t make any sense. If a person is rich, he has to decide something in a situation. And even one is poor the same rule applies for his life. Here is the whole fuss of life.

Do you think that life is a calculation of cause and effect? What do you say? I think it is but also there is something beyond it. That is of no effect and causeless. Otherwise, just think that there won’t be any suffering anymore because the people have enough of intelligence to decide. However, we can see the people having problems in life, issues with fellow beings.

But, yes there is a way to have the solution. And it leaves you away from ‘to be or not to be’. It is self contemplation. Or in other words, it is known is MEDITATION. Once you practice meditation or self contemplation, you can come to know about the right choice for you. Of course, there is no doubt about it. But, it will come gradually and slowly.

It is purely dependent on you practicing self contemplation. You see, the nature is always working in accordance with the rhythm. So, there is a matter of creating rhythm in life. Once rhythm is working well, there won’t be any pain, suffering. Only, happiness and pleasure remains for the person.

Now, it is you that have to decide what way to choose for your remaining life. Life is here with you. Enjoy it!

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