Swami Vivekananda – Is this name remained only on the pages???

It’s been 150 years and we can see that still India is not free from poverty, unemployment, hunger and other essential matters of life. Why this is still so? A person whom we give due respect and feel proud about him is none other than the most revered personality all over the world. He is the icon of youth – Swami Vivekananda.

Today, if we still have the problems mentioned above then we have not fulfilled Swamiji’s dream of India. Have we done justice to Him? Are we fair enough for what he left to the coming generation to fulfill?

Okay, let’s not give any excuse about the past. Let’s start here and now, today! What he has said can be implemented today. He said;

“Awake, Arise and stop not till the goal is reached”.

Now, we should at least be responsible for his dream of India. He wanted only 100 persons to change the fate and destiny of the mankind. Alas! He could not get at that time. But, can we not come forward and change the fate and destiny of the human race? Ask a question to yourself. Ponder about it. Think on it.  I’m sure that you will get an answer from within.

So, friends we all know how Vivekananda was and what contribution he gave for the mankind. Let’s not make him remember only on the pages of the books. Or just an occasion improving personality that we cite some of his words and maxims and we get respect instead of him.

We all are very good then where is the problem. Why still India is called a 3rd nation. Don’t want India to be a 1st Nation? It is we who can transform the nation. It can happen with the help of each other. Let’s be together and make Swami Vivekananda alive!

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