Sky Element – Aakash Tatva

Sometimes, I feel that we do not know how much nature has been giving to us. We are sheer mad towards the earthly pleasure. We forget that there is energy flowing all around us. Yes, it is very true. Just it’s a question of opening our eyes.

Once our eyes are opened, we can feel, experience utter joy of nature. Sheer bliss of God. This is possible only by looking at the sky. Do believe it. Because it is true. Those who have been practicing this have gained immense from the nature.

Sky element is one of the elements of our body. So, it is not something new has been discovered. But it is there and a small group of people have been practicing this. Just you have to look at the sky. That’s it. You may have questions. But this is enough!

Please choose either morning or evening for practicing this technique. Sky should be clear. It is recommended that sky should be clear. If there are clouds, it may happen that you imagine something looking at the clouds. So this is a simple reason to look at the sky when it is clear.

Just look at the sky with open eyes. Do not stare. Gently look with love and warmth. You can look at the sky for 5 minutes at the initial stage and later you can increase maximum to 1 hour as per your practice. By doing this practice, your thinking level will become higher. Your understanding broadens. And you will have a clear cut vision about life and thought-less mind.

This is a key to your utmost happiness. As in today’s world, people are suffering due to thinking too much. By practicing daily, you will come to realize that your thoughts reduced. You will feel calm and peaceful. And that is without paying a single penny.

I wish to have a lovely and joyous world without boundaries. Live life joyously, loving your dear ones, doing your favorites activities, being one to yourself.

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