Meditation – the highest form of Prayer

In the whole world, there are many religions. A religion is a way to God. As per the religion, there is some form to connect to the Almighty, the PARAMATMA. People perform prayers to invoke God. And, prayer is the most accepted form to connect to God. Majority of religions have different forms of prayers. But, I personally found that the meditation is the highest form of prayer.

In meditation, you offer yourself to Paramatma. While in prayer, through music & words, we convey our message to God. It comes from the bottom of the heart. That is why it is prayer and has words as means of offerings.

However, in meditation, you become one to God, Paramatma or the existence. So, there is nothing remains to be offered. It means you are offered automatically, naturally to the nature, existence. It creates a union and reunion between the two. And a harmony is born which has its own music. Music of silence.

Yes, music of silence. This music is far beyond the music which is created through notes and instruments. Here you are the notes, you are the instrument. Though, there is music playing all around in the space.

I would say that prayer is the beginning of offering and mediation is the end where you are being offered as a form of union. You simply merge with the DIVINE. In this way, meditation is the highest form of prayer.

So, please have some time and meditate. Offer your being to the DIVINE. It is a chance to connect to the existence. And the world where you are living will become different. You can call it Paradise. So, connect to the Heaven!

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