Meditation is surrendering

People have been leading a mechanical life. And to come out of it, they are sliding to meditation. However, I found that people have some misunderstanding about it. They go to the professionals to learn it. But, the professionals are majorly technicians. They know how and what of it.

You see meditation is altogether a different matter. No professional can let you know what meditation is unless and until they have faith meditating. It is a far beyond phenomenal. I would like to say that it is a surrendering.

Yes, a surrendering of oneself to Almighty. Once you surrender, meditation happens. It is a live experience between experience and experiencing. If you have any understanding that a professional can guide you on meditation. Then please do not waste your time.

You should go to Guru. Find out him. And if you cannot find any Guru for you, go to any of temple, mosque, and church and pray there. Ask for the guidance there with wholeheartedness. You will have answer and you will find your Guru.

Once you find Guru, the Master, simply surrender yourself. Please do not have any dictionary meaning of surrender. It is vast and wide to understand the meaning of surrendering in term of meditation. It means surrendering to someone who has already surrendered to existence.  It is a risky. But, do risk for it.

It is a union of life. Life becomes alive after surrendering in meditation. That is why meditation is a surrendering.

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