The movie ‘LIFE of PI’ is an outstanding adventure. This is beyond the typical Hindi movie. So, I would say that you will definitely enjoy the spice of it in the form of drama, romance, thrill, action and emotions. Surely, you would be rewarded what you pay for it.

Ang Lee is one of the greatest contemporary directors. It is his sheer attempt to make this possible for the audience to have a grand and grandeur experience of adventure. In the movie, Lee has chosen the perfect crew of Suraj Sharma Irrfan Pathan, Tabbu and others.

LIFE of PI is an experience to watch. There is a harmony between believable and unbelievable. And this has made happen by Lee. Yes, it’s an achievement for him.  Kudos!

While watching this picturesque adventure on screen, you would authentically forget all the worries and just feel romancing and thrilling. This movie makes you come out of the masaala Hindi movies. After AVATAR movie, this is one in its kind to watch. Yes, AVATAR was absolutely different but it won’t let you feel regret watching. So, just watch and feel difference.  Enjoy your journey with Pi and Tiger.

The movie teaches adventure and while being alone on this journey what can happen, how can you cope up with the unknown and explore the unexplored pilgrimage.

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