Life is not a race!

Do you think that life is a race? Unfortunately there are people who assume that it is. And this attitude has ruined their life. When I hear or see such case, I feel pain. Because life is not at all race. It is a stream. A stream just flows and flows towards the ocean and melts into it. It becomes one with the ocean and ultimately become ocean. Is there anyone who can just find out where the stream is? Simply, no one can.

Existence has given each person the right to be his/her own self, and whosoever forsakes this right forsakes the greatest gift of existence.

In this way, life is one of the gifts. Just enjoy. Whatever you are doing – working in the office, learning in the school, studying in the college, cooking in the kitchen, traveling… do it with your involvement. Don’t do it just for the sake of work.

Please change your attitude. I mean to say that look life from different angle. You would realize that yes it is really beautiful. There is no race. Never compare yourself with anyone. You are born UNIQUE. How can you compare your uniqueness? To do so is just insulting yourself. Nothing else.

Life is calling you to wake up! Listen to it. Grab this opportunity and be what you are. And see how life will help you grow happier. Do what you love to do. Yes, we have responsibilities but it doesn’t mean that one should worry about them. Worrying is not a solution. Get the solution. Ask your life and it will lead you. Because life has been given to you. How can you destroy it?

Go on tracking. Do adventures – skiing, surfing in the sea, cycling, climbing and what not. Just do it! Life is your motorbike. Now it is up to you how to accelerate and when to speed up and when to break. Have a safe and thrilling driving.

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