Life is a Journey!

Life is a journey. Unfortunately, some of us have predicted that life is a destination. And from then, a large group of people has started believing it. As a result, they have accepted life as a destination. Because of this, they are suffering. This has led life towards nowhere. It’s been decaying day by day. You have become mechanical. And out of that dissatisfaction arose.

Today, in most of the spheres, you will see the ‘TARGET’. In one or other way, you have to achieve targets. Life has become target. Rather I would say you are the one who has made life TARGET. Now, you feel like living in the hell.

In school, a child has to achieve something – good marks or A+ grade. Since the birth of a child, we have been teaching them to be something. We are giving them targets. While, in corporate, without targets there is nothing. It seems that people are living because of target. If they don’t have targets, they are confused, they become disturbed. Isn’t so?

Yes! Target is not life. Life is to be ALIVE! Once you accept life as a journey, you will relish for sure. There is no doubt about it. Just start accepting it as a joyous journey and see the miracle.

In managing targets, you are unknowingly mismanaging life. You are here to manage life. If you manage life, everything would be managed automatically. That’s natural phenomenal. This is the law of nature. Your relationships, your business, your commitments – all will be managed. And you would be joyous. You’ll feel like in the paradise. The earth is the same. But now, you have changed the perspective. You are now on the right track. You are not towards destination. You are travelling the journey of life.

Accept life. Don’t try to impose something or anything. Please! Look at life. YOU ARE LIFE. Without you, no life is. Accept it. Understand it. Come out of the targets. And life will be harmonious and more musical.

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