Indian Bill Gates – Suhas Gopinath

This is what everybody dreams about. But, only those who work incessantly get success. And world also recognizes only the success story builder. So, Suhas Gopinath is one of the entrepreneurs of the world who within no time won the world’s attention.

Suhas, a Bangaluru based youth, who started his company from the Cyber Café. He was working there to earn but his main vision was to spend time on internet to learn the business. He started his company at the age of 14th ten years back.

I would love to share this to the entrepreneur souls who really want to create something for the nation and for the world. Entrepreneurship is one of the most dashing and dazzling matter for me. It’s all about your way of living, thinking and creating life for you and for the fellow beings.

Hats off to Suhas Gopinath! He met Bill Gates, President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and many delegates from around the world. He was also invited to many universities to deliver lectures on ‘ENTREPRENEURSHIP’. Really a brilliant brain and a passionate body! He is the only Indian on the board of the World Bank.

He also received the Incredible Europe Innovation Award at Vienna. As he was not an adult, he could not register a company in India; He registered it in the US. Then he started his company Global Inc from the US and managed. After he turned 18, he registered the company from India.

There is lot to say and share about him because he is marvelously an innovator entrepreneur. Kudos!

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