Human Body – An Infinite Treasure

It would be pretty amazing to know about your own body. Yes, human body is one of the miracles of God. Whether you believe it or not? It is a way to infinite treasure. It is simply incredible. You may think why I am making such a statement here.

But, it is true that our body, human body is made up in such a way that it can be a door to infinite joy, bliss. It is a door to God. We are fortunate enough to have been here on earth as a human being.

We are aware about the outer parts of the body. But, here I would like to make you aware about the real parts we have been gifted. If they are looked up in proper manner, there isn’t any one who can prevent you from being a treasurer of infinite wealth.

Even science is not yet full able to know them. However, our sages came to know about it through meditation. They have said too much about body – a temple of God.

Our body is made up of five elements such as Earth, Water, Sky, Air and Fire. Also, it has seven energy centers. People know them as chakras. They are:

  1. Muladhar chakra- the root
  2. Swadhistana chakra – the sacral (Hara)
  3. Manipur chakra – the solar plexus
  4. Anahat chakra – the heart plexus
  5. Vishuddi chakra – the throat
  6. Ajna chakra – the third eye
  7. Sahastrara – the crown

Apart from this, our body has 72 thousands nadis. The nadis are channels through which the energy flows in our body. The energy flows from higher level to lower level. The three major nadis are Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.

These chakras can be activated through meditation. Also, the nadis can be purified by doing meditation every day for some minutes. After giving proper and enough time for meditation, one can understand the importance of body.  You become the infinite joy. And realize the true value of yourself.

It is just a question of flowing the energy in to right direction. So, love your body. Respect it. Nourish it well. Body is a temple. No need to go outer temples. Just bow down to it. And God will be available to you.

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