How to get the best out of your MONEY?

On the first look it seems that everyone is behind ‘money’. Each person wants to accumulate as much money as possible in his/her life span. And this idea has lowered the liveliness, vibrancy and happiness in the precious LIFE. Generally people believe that joy is only if there is money. If you have bucks then you can enjoy life.

This is one way to look at life. However, it is just a matter of perception. I do agree that money is necessary to fulfill the responsibilities. But, it is not above & beyond life. Life is only when you are! So, look at yourself. Stop for a moment and ponder about the way you are leading your dear life.

Of course, you can get the best out of your money and in this way you could be the happiest person on the entire world. Let’s understand the usage of money in Osho’s words;

“Money should not become the goal, but I am not saying at the same time that you should renounce it and become beggars — use it, it is a good means. I’m not against money; I have nothing to say against it. I am saying something about you and your possessiveness, not about money. Money can be beautiful — if it is not possessed, if you don’t become obsessed with it. It can be beautiful. Money is like blood circulating in the body: in the body of society money circulates, it is blood. It helps society to be enriched, to be alive — but it is like blood”. Courtesy: – Osho World

In this way, we can make MONEY a means to live life to fulfill our daily needs. Just, we have to come out of our possessiveness of it. And that is because it makes your life hell! You always want more and more bank balance. One day comes and takes your life, your breath and everything is zero.

Money can make you king not by collecting it but by the attitude towards it. Use for good cause and spend them for your necessities. Do not use it for showing others this will leave you uneasy. So, to create best out of your funds, direct those towards a little good thing or matter and your world would be sheer celebration, enjoyment, and pleasure.

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