How can ‘work be worship’? A success Formula!

Fortunately you may found the sign board at the office saying ‘WORK IS WORSHIP’.  The great words show the image of the organization. As soon as you enter into the organization, you come to realize that it is really worship for the boss. He is enjoying because the all the employees have been working like ass. They are producing work but no joy out of work. Then how it can be worship?

It is easy to say ‘work is worship’. Have you ever tried to implement on your life? If no, please try it. You will really love to work. And that will make your work worship.

“Work is when you space out. You do the work, but you are not totally there. If you are totally there, it is worship. Then the work is not only work; then the work takes a new flavor: of silence, of meditativeness, of joy just the wind passing by, the sunrays falling on you, you chopping wood, and the perspiration coming to your forehead” explains Osho.

Changing work into worship is the secret. It can be done through meditation. Meditation is the technology. And it can change work into worship.

For Krishna, life is a celebration. Why? Simply because he enjoys doing. You are well aware about Bill Gates. What is the secret behind his success? The worship! Don’t interpret your meaning. Here I would want to say that he worshipped his work like prayer, meditation. He involved with 100% efforts and attempted the task.

And he gained success. Rather he became more meditative. Even today, you can see his facial expression. No tension, just cheering up face, smiling face. He enjoys the work and that can make work worship.

It is the secret keynote of success – turn your work into worship. Then you should not wait for success, it is already there. It is really waiting for you. Have a sip of it! Enjoying doing the work as ‘WORSHIP’.

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