Health is Wealth – A proven Saying

In the whole world, majority of us is educated. We are learned. Even we are making progress in each and every sphere of life. However, we are somewhat unaware about health. This is one of the essential factors in living life happily. It is rightly said:

Health is Wealth

If we look the numbers of the medical research, we become amazed by knowing that mostly people are suffering from one disease to another. We will find that out of 10, there may be 6 persons having some of the sickness.

Now, do you think we are making development? I don’t think you would agree to it. This is something worst for us. Though there is best of the best technology available, we are lacking something. Though we did research in the field of medical, still we are not able to cure. And that is why people have health issue.

I would say that there is only one solution to this. If you become little aware about your living style, it is simple. If you observe your daily eating habits and you will come to know that due to overeating majority of us are suffering from sickness.

It is even known that people died because of overeating. There are less cases of dying due to lack of food. Please know that we are one who can avoid what is not needed to our stomach. Now-a-days, we people try everything for eating. We experiment with our hungry stomach and then fall ill.

So if we are educated in what sense we can prove it. It is a big question. And this question will remain unresolved until we become aware about our own food habits. If we become conscious about food automatically the next gen will follow. This can lessen the numbers of sick persons.

Let’s eat how much our stomach needs and what it needs. This is one and only golden rule not to visit medical officer ever in life. Life is precious then why to just waste. We can be joyous if we have good health.

Let’s wish this world be free from sickness.

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