Come India not to visit but to EXPERIENCE…

There are thousands of foreign people have been visiting India every year. There is something in India that attracts everyone though they cannot satisfy themselves visiting India. And the simplest reason is that India is not a place to visit. It is meant to experience, to explore and to expand the feelings.

Yes, that is absolutely true about India. If you come to experience India there is much more for you than just coming to see and visit India. When I say; “come India to experience”, I really mean to experience it.

Experience the majesty, the vibrations and feel them. Before you set up your mind coming to India to experience, it is required you to be sensitive. And that can be done with the help of MEDITATION. Once you go through thorough meditation, you will be able to realize the experience of India. India is not a country; it is a living culture and the science of yoga and spirituality.

India represents spirituality and yoga since ancient times. The most magnificent Himalaya is an epitome of spiritual search. If you have read Robin Sharma’s the most famous book ‘A MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI’ you would have come to know about the Himalaya and its importance.

So, whenever you are coming to India, experience it. Only then you can understand what real India is. Why it is still of so much importance though it is known as a poor country? Just think about it. Only reason is its spiritual and yogic tradition, culture and heritage. Nothing else is of importance about India.

And that is why you can see many temples, mosques, churches, and the prayer places. These temples are not just built to pray. There is a scientific reason behind them and that is why they were built in such a fashion.

You can feel the presence of OMNIPRESENT. Though a country, there are many traditions, culture & heritage. India is a vibrant nation where you feel dancing, rejoicing, and being absolutely YOU! You may found crowd here though you feel enjoying because India is nothing but a nation of feelings, emotions, and love.

Do come to experience India and take in return love, emotions and feelings!

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