Bhagat Singh – a true visionary of India

How many of us think of our nation with a clear vision? And of course without any return or reward.  He worked for our nation as ‘Good for Nothing’.  He was a real young blood with innovations, creations and insight. He was well aware about death and accepted death in the way he was going forward. He is the most favorite and influential of us. We know him as Bhagat Singh, a Sahid Bhagat Singh.

Bhagat dreamed of India not as an independent nation but as a ‘PURNA SWARAJ’ – TOTAL INDEPENDENCE nation. He was fighting with intentions and with full vigor. He had clear ideas about what ‘Total Independence’ means. Apart from him, the others wanted the nation to be free from the British Raj.

We can see him as a true visionary of India while knowing his meaning for total independence. He meant a nation not only free but also has its own vision and wisdom. He knew that only independence means poverty, unemployment, caste-system (upper-lower class).

Therefore, he wanted a nation to be total free. His vision for ‘Purna Swaraj’ was a nation that has no poverty, has employment and brotherhood. Even he didn’t want ‘Samantshahi’ – only the rich rule the nation.

Now, just think if he succeeded…what might be today’s situation in India. But… alas! The politicians at that time were very much smart. They wanted to rule India. Therefore, we had to lose the real freedom fighter and then named Sahid Bhagat Singh.

Unfortunately, he was hung on 23rd March, 1931. Gandhiji could have saved him. But when a person wanted his named to be on the top, who can prevent???

He lived a very short life (23 years). Though lived much and had given more to the nation and the nationalists. So, let’s salute his martyrdom. And try to work towards his vision of PURNA SWARAJ.

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