Be a pious and pure soul!

As we are born in the form of a human being, it is required to know the reason of it. As far as the religion is concerned, knowledge gives freedom. Freedom from beliefs, patterns, ideology, rituals and rules. So, one should try to know the reason of being born as a mankind.

And you see, this is ‘reasoning’. It is a process of logic. So, your intelligence is required. Because only intelligent persons have problems believing in truth. Once the intelligence is dropped, a person comes to realize the truth of life. Why we are born in this form? Who we are?

We come to know all the hidden mysteries about it. Now, you may have a question about how to start the process and where to go for it.  Please, do not hurry!

You should not do any physical process. Simply, start feeling your true nature. We are human beings but there is something which helps us live life. Yes, that is our true self. We are souls. Feel yourself as a holy soul and a pure soul.

In the time of 24 hours, say to yourself, I am a holy soul, I am a pure soul. That’s it! Just saying this is enough. First you may think that you are not feeling it but no matter, simply do a drama. One day it will sprout naturally. The sun rise is the best time to realize it and have fruitful results of chanting this powerful mantra.

Originally we are souls but we have forgotten the truth. So, say this Maha mantra “I am a holy soul, I am a pure soul”. You can practice it for at least 45 days to feel the experience of its power and grace.

Peaceful & Prosperous life ahead!

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