A Bhadbhut fair in Gujarat

It is one of the opportunities to visit the village of Bhadbhut. And the reason is because a fair. This fair comes every 18 years. On Adhik month (as per the Guajarati calendar) it comes. To attend this fair of Lord Shiva is really religious.

Bhadbhut is situated near the bank of Narmada River, near the city of Bharuch, Gujarat. There are few temples which are of 2000 years old. And Bhadbhuteshwar Mahadev temple is one of them. In this temple, there is a big black Shivalinga. On which the water of holy river Narmada falls.

This temple is very significant reminiscence of Lord Shiva. The Shivalinga appeared automatically. And till date it is there. People come and pray there.  They offer water and the leaves of Bili (a tree). People feel soulful visiting the temple and the place.

Even it is a ritual to take a bath in a holy river. So, people take bath in the Narmada River. It is believed that every bath cleanses the sins and makes one pure.

So, here is an opportunity for you to visit a fair that happens every 18 years.

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